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Indoor facilities

Shanti Reteat has a large yoga shala, a spacious dining room and a cozy living room with a fireplace. There is a large kitchen and 4 bathrooms. The bathrooms are shared. Moreover, there are 14 rooms: 2-3 single rooms, 10-11 double rooms and 1 tripple room. Altogether, the Retreat can accommodate 27 guests. In most of the rooms the beds can function as either one large double bed or two separate single beds. Please inform us in advance about your preferences. 

Shoes are not allowed indoors

We recommend that you bring some thick warm socks or slippers.

Internet, use of mobile phone and silence

It is possible to connect to Shanti Retreats WiFi.

Shanti Retreat is a peaceful, quiet resort which provides you with the opportunity to disconnect from technology and connect with yourself. Thus, we ask you to maintain the silence and to behave in a respectful manner and only use your mobile phone, tablet etc. in your own room or outside the Retreat.

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